Spices Gourmet


There is no Argentine dish that does not contemplate a touch of chimichurri. Therefore, La Franco Argentine, did not hesitate to bring to the Gourmet market a Gourmet line with its star product.

Chimichurri is the Argentine dressing par excellence, which cannot be lacking in roasts or as seasoning of numerous dishes. Although it is associated with Argentine cuisine, this dressing is also very typical in Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. It is a sauce of liquid consistency, very spicy and whose fundamental ingredients are parsley, oregano, garlic, vinegar, oil, ground pepper and a little salt. Generally, it is a spicy sauce that is used to accompany the roasts, choripanes or to marinate fish and birds; It is also used as a salad dressing. This sauce has the quality of enhancing the flavour of the meat and is considered to have contributed to the international reputation of Asado argentino.

Aji Molido (ground Argentinian Paprika)

The ancestry of all the condiments could not be lacking in our Gourmet selection.

The peppers have been part of the human diet in America since at least the year 7500 a. C. even preceding the invention of pottery. Christopher Columbus was one of the first Europeans to find them (in the Caribbean) and called them “peppers” for their taste, like that of black pepper used in Europe.

Unlike other edible plants from America, which took decades to be accepted by the Europeans, the chilli became known worldwide after its introduction in Spain by Columbus in 1493.

Over the next two hundred years, its use would revolutionize the gastronomy of the Mediterranean peoples, transforming also the cuisine of China, India and Indonesia. Such was their acclimatization, that in many places of Africa and of India the plants are believed that they originate of those regions.