A United Group for the Earth

A United Group for the Earth

We are aware of our impact on the environment and the wealth of the Earth we use for the development of our Group.

We are taking many actions to improve our environmental footprint and:

  • Reduce our consumption of natural resources
  • Reduce our consumption of packaging and plastics
  • Invest in products that respect the environment
  • Reduce our GHG emissions
  • Lead projects that have a positive impact on biodiversity

CSR Actions

Vigilant in the maintenance of our machines, we check regularly that there is no type of leak.

Awareness of environmental issues, everyone adopts good everyday gestures.

We have replaced disposable plastic lenses with durable, individualized lenses.

We invested in LED bulbs for the lighting of our factory.

We invested in two silos: reduction of 4 tons of our packaging waste.

Reduction of our CO2 emissions for the transport of our employees:

  • Investment in a fleet of hybrid vehicles and e-bikes.
  • Sensitized to carpooling, some practice it daily.

Reduction of our CO2 emissions for the transport of our goods:

  • We minimize the transportation of raw materials by supplying us locally. Thus, 90% of our raw materials are of local origin and we set ourselves a target of 2021 of 95%.

Against the waste: the productions not sold for reasons of non-conformity related to the container, are given internally and to several local associations.

Each one carries out the sorting of his waste.

We are committed to biodiversity with the project ’Sauvons nos abeilles'.

Pollinating insects, bees are the main actors in the reproduction of plants including vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, … The extinction of bees would cause the extinction of the human species. The main reasons for their extinction are the use of pesticides, electromagnetic waves such as those emitted by mobile phones and the use of GMOs.

Also, La Franco Argentine with all of its employees has been involved since 2018 in this cause. Supported by Dylan, this biodiversity policy is based on several types of actions.

1. Sensitization carried out by employees

Employee awareness
and seed distribution.

Awareness of school students
from Sains-Richaumont’ s school.

Sensitization of residents
during the week of sustainable development 2019.

2. Actions on the factory grounds

Plantations of honey seeds.

Installation of hives on the factory grounds.

3. Product innovation

And, soon, a Dulce de Leche with honey from our bees.