Dulce de Leche for professional and industrial use

We have a whole range of specialties in Dulce de Leche destined to the pastry industry, ice-cream industry, bakery, desserts and processed food.

We manufacture Dulce de Leche in all the textures that the industry needs and at the same time in the format that is necessary for the different uses.

Special Pastry: Various textures that adapt to the various uses of pastry. In sauce or topping for your crepes, creamy texture for filling cakes and toppings, to a thicker texture for blends.

Special ice cream: Two concentrated formulas to accentuate the taste and color of your ice cream preparations. The traditional texture and topping to incorporate them into blends or as decoration.

We thus respond to an emerging global market of pastry, ice cream, pastries and other types of use in which Dulce de Leche is already an indispensable ingredient. A growing demand has been followed by an emerging global market, where Dulce de Leche occupies the segment of “caramel”.

RAFFOLÉ is our most international range, present in more than 30 countries around the world.

Our varieties:

• Traditional Dulce de Leche
• Dulce de Leche for confectionery
• Ice cream milk candy
• Dulce de Leche with salted butter
• Dulce de Leche with hazelnuts
• Dulce de Leche with salt of Guérande
• Caramel
• Salted butter Caramel
• Hazelnut chocolate cream